Gaya Pinddaan Naryan Bali Tripindi shradha Pitrudosh

How  the Pitrudosh arises :.


Importance of  Pinda-daan

This is the dosha given by our forefathers (Pitrus).

Pitrus does not just mean father, it  means all our ancestors. If we  insult our parents, Guru, ancestors or  ignore the shraaddha  of our forefathers then they curse us due to  which Santan baadha (No progeny), discord in  the family, loss of  wealth, handicapped  children, loss in business  and may other difficulties have to  be  faced. Our luck does not favour us. At the time of death if any wish of the forefathers is  left  incomplete or  if we  do  not serve them properly, if we have troubled them  then  we  have  to   face   circumstances. The   dead  people trouble the relatives in   order to  quench his thirst.  We  are indebted to  our forefathers. We  are seeing this world because of our forefathers. We  enjoy the material benefits due to  them and we  also claim rights over  their wealth. After getting all  these benefits, if we  don’t spent some amount towards their pind- daan in  the intoxication of this wealth and forget them they will  get  angered. One  can understand their feeling by placing one  self  in their place.

Pitradosha in the kundali or Horoscope

The   Surya is  considered to  be   the representative of  ancestors amongst the Navgrahas. Hence, if  Surya is  placed in  unfavorable place in  any horoscope then this is  called as Pitrudosha.  In addition to  this, the ninth place in  the Kundali is  related to  our ancestors.  Hence, if  the lord of  the ninth  place is associated  with the  unfavorable grahas  or   planets.  Most of  the  times the pitrudosha is  associated  with the  position of  Surya, Chandra, Rahu, Ketu, Shani in the ninth place of the horoscope.

Maha Pitrudosha

This can be  confirmed by  analyzing birth horoscope and Prashnakundali. This dosha is  associated with the Lagnadhipati or  Ashtamadhipati or  association Guru and Shukra due to which Maha pitrudosha  arises. This arises due to  the bad deeds performed in  the previous births and person suffers difficulties due to  P`aarbQa kma- .  In spite  of  performing  all  the activities for  removal  of dosha and getting peace, the person continues to be  in  difficulties. For  removal of such obstacles we may be  contacted.

The Importance of performing Pitrupaksha in Gaya Kshetra

The  waning half  of Ashwin month (Krushna Paksha) is  called as pitrupaksha. At this point of time the Surya enter Kanya Rashi and when this happens, he  is closest  to  the  earth.   Hence,  the  shraaddha   performed during  this  time immediately benefits our  forefathers. During this  fortnight our  ancestors descend to  Earth and partake of the food  & water given by  their descendants, by  occupying the  bodies of  deserving Brahmins  in   a  atomic size. They   are pleased and depart to their abodes after bestowing boons.

Places of Shraaddha

There is  a supreme importance of  performing shraaddha  in  Gaya, Pushkar, Haridwar, Badrinath,  Prayag, Devalaya and on  the bank of  rivers of  Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada and other holy  rivers.

The procedure of  Gaya Shraaddha:

1) Gaya shraaddha  in short:

This is  completed in  one   day   and is  performed in  Moola   Sthaanas  only. Viz. ekodishta shraaddha, paarvana shraaddha, falg  shraaddha, Vishnupada shraaddha, Akshaya vata shraaddha.

2) Brihad Gaya shraaddha  procedure needs to  be  done in  54  different places. It is performed by staying in Gayaji for 3,7,11,15 days.

:: The Places that is holy pilgrims have to perform Pind Daan ::

Ekodrishti Shradh: Ekodrishti Shradh means that it should complete in one day only. It is done on three important vedies (place of sharadh) Falgu River,Vishnupad Vedi and Akshay Vat vedi except abnormal death.

Vrihad Shradh: Vrihad Shradh means that it should complete on 54 vedies which is mention in above where that pilgrims have to performed Pind Daan.
1-Poonpoon charan Puja 12-Jiwha loll 23-Kartikpada 34-Mat Gowapi 45-Munda Pristha
2-Falgu River 13-Gajadhar Jee 24-Dhadikhagni 35-Ko Pada 46-Adi Gaya
3-Brahma Kund 14-Sarswati 25-Garpashagni 36-Agastha Pada 47-Dhout Pada
4-Pretshilla 15-Dharmaranya 26-Ahabaniagni 37-Indra Pada 48-Bhim Gaya
5-Ram Shilla 16-BodhGaya 27-Suryapada 38-Kahsyapada 49-Go Prachar
6-Ram Kund 17-Brahma Sarower 28-Chandrapada 39-Gajakaran 50-Gada Loll
7-Kagbali 18-Kagbali 29-Ganeshpada 40-RamGaya 51-Dhud Tarpan
8-Uttarmanas 19-Amrasichen 30-Sandyagnipada 41-SitaKund 52-Baitarni
9-Udichi 20-Rudrapada 31-Yagnipada 42-Souvagyadan 53-AkshayVat
10-Kankhal 21-Brahmapada 32-Dadhisthi Pada 43-Gayasir 54-Gyatri Ghat
11-Dakhin Manas 22-Vishnupada 33-Kanna Pada 44-Gayakup